1-5 color printed toilet paper


1£ºMaterials :made of 100% virgin pulp in roll, flexible and pliable.
3£ºLayer: 1 ply, 2 ply. 3ply.
4: Roll height: 10cm.
5: We can print 1-5 color pattern.
6£ºOur product meet the international sanitation request, passed the SGS ROSH test.
7£ºWe can add kinds of perfume as customer request.
8£ºPrinting content suggest: cartoon, story, promotion sign, advertising slogan, daily healthy diet, sport, travel, study, general knowledge, IQ question, website. Study English with the picture, ball knowledge.
9£ºSuitable for: publish information, learn more general knowledge, gift, colored punch tape etc.

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1-5 color printed toilet paper
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