Counterfeitproof dessicant





1:Materials : counterfeitproof wrapping paper ,silica gel.
2:Gram: 1 gram,2 gram,3gram,5gram,10 gram,20gram,50gram,100gram.
3:Suitable for:put it into the product for moistureproof ,against mildew and increase.

Counterfeitproof functions.
  Currently there are so many counterfeitproof technologies , but all are expensive , also they are not convenient to recognize , most of counterfeitproof technologies are recognition evidences only for anti-counterfeit persons , but consumers really do not know how to recognize.
   Now Dongguan city lixinde paper co., ltd develop a kind of new technology , it has already declared its invention patent from China Country Patent Bureau at the beginning of this year,and passed the initial authorize, now we use this technology to produce the counterfeitproof desiccant.
  This kind of counterfeitproof technology can be widely used , and the cost is very low . you only take 1 cent USD to purchase a bag of desiccant added counterfeitproof technology which it's easy for you and consumers to check up . the way to check up it's very easy : you only put a bag of desiccant into water for 1 second , when you take it out , you will amazingly discover that the counterfeitproof mark which you need to confirm will appear on the bag of desiccant clearly.
  We sincerely hope our counterfeitproof technology can make your products a little more guarantee , can make your loyal consumers a little more reassurance.

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counterfeit proof dessicant
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