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Unfold a new chapter in your packaging journey

Specializing in Thin Packaging Papers for Shoes, Clothing, and More


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Packaging

At Baoling Paper, our dedication lies in delivering premium thin packaging paper solutions tailored for footwear, clothing, and beyond. Established in 2000, with over 23 years of printing expertise, we foster enduring and transparent collaborations with leading paper manufacturers, guaranteeing a consistent supply of top-tier printing paper. Our distinctive equipment, cutting-edge technology, streamlined management, and superior products and services set us apart in the industry. With a firm focus on sustainability, customizable options, competitive pricing, and extensive industry knowledge, we proudly serve as your steadfast partner for all your thin packaging paper needs.

Large Paper Rolls

Differentiate Your Brand with Custom Solutions

Looking for a post-consumer recycled, anti-counterfeit, or scented packaging solution?

At Baoling Paper, sustainability and responsible forest management are paramount, evident in our product lineup. Alongside our eco-conscious offerings, we provide specialized programs featuring anti-counterfeiting measures, UV-printed features, and scented finishes, enhancing your packaging options.

Our cutting-edge printing technology ensures your custom prints maintain the highest quality, with sharp imagery and vibrant colors that captivate your audience. We take pride in our ability to meet your specific needs, offering tailor-made programs that support your brand's growth and deliver premium footwear packaging solutions unparalleled in the market.



Partnering for a Better, Greener World.

At Baoling Paper, sustainability is central to our operations. From responsible sourcing to energy efficiency, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Going beyond compliance, we innovate to reduce waste and conserve resources. Through investments in renewable energy and recyclable materials, we aim to positively impact both the environment and communities we serve. At Baoling Paper, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's a guiding principle that shapes everything we do.


Trusted by Leading Brands

At Baoling Paper, we maintain exceptional partnerships with our clients, ensuring a stable and high-quality source of printing paper. We take pride in our collaborations with leading brands in various industries, including footwear, fashion, and beyond.



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